Pathways Platform

We're committed to bringing the soul of human communication to technology.

We believe the best decisions people make are rooted in relevant information and vivid experience that evokes intuition by appealing to emotion. We are committed to framing conversations in a way that allow for more simplistic understanding where greater complexities exist. We are devoted to the application and stewardship of these ideas. Excellence in our business is measured by customer engagement and value based decisions.

Propaganda: No one is buying it anymore

Audiences have become immune to traditional marketing. They yearn for something more organic. There seems to be a lack of connection in communication.

Successful content gets discovered and shared, builds value and engages the right audience. No one can communicate who you are and what you do better than the great communicators of your organization. There are structural themes of connectivity within an organization that are the foundation of culture. These themes are what differentiate and make your organization unique.

At Pathways, we have learned that the context of your message is as important as content. When integrated correctly, we can achieve extraordinary results. Pathways Platform provides you with the tools to create and distribute your communication like never before.

Whether you're just thinking about incorporating video into your branding efforts or have been doing so for some time, we’d love to share with you what we’ve learned and how we can help accelerate the impact that is achievable through video branding.

If you're interested in a recruiting channel of your own or would like to enhance your communication process, please feel free to contact us by phone at +1.480.900.8220 or via email at