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JCL North Mountain Hospital Neurocritical Care/Stroke Neurology Opportunity

John C. Lincoln's focus on medical excellence and the best possible clinical outcomes means we want to attract and retain the best physicians in every specialty we offer. In return, we believe in providing our physician partners with the support they need to succeed and the environment that fosters excellence, innovation and cooperation. We are looking for talented, dedicated and compassionate physicians to help us grow and serve our community.

We offer a variety of physician practice opportunities throughout the North Valley, both for employed physicians and in private practice.

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    Dr. Aashish Patel, Neurointensivist - the whole gamut of trauma patients.

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    Dr. Chris Shearer, Chief Medical Officer

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    Dr. Kevin Veale - Vice-Chief of Staff, Medical Director Emergency Department


Dr. Victor Zach - Director, Stroke & Neurocritical Care

"Never did I feel like I know so much about the staff as I do here at John C. Lincoln. They truly become friends, friends that are there for you when you need them most and this is the culture that's kinda been here throughout the years. So it's a well kept secret that I'm telling you about right now."

Dr. Chris Shearer, Chief Medical Officer

"It's kinda of in the DNA, it's been just a strong attitude that the docs feel very comfortable here, they feel like they have a strong sense of ownership of the quality."


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