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Neurosurgery/Neurospine Opportunity

John C. Lincoln Health Network's focus on medical excellence and the best possible clinical outcomes enable us to attract and retain the best physicians in every specialty we offer. In return, we believe in providing our physician partners with the support they need to succeed and the environment that fosters excellence, innovation and cooperation. We are looking for talented, dedicated and compassionate physicians to help us grow and serve our community.

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    Dr. Mohamed Abdulhamid - going beyond surgery

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    Dr. Mohamed Abdulhamid - the evolution of spine surgery

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    Wayne Gillis, RN, Vice President Operations, North Mountain Hospital - passion, community, patient care


Dr. Igor Yusupov - Meeting Neurosurgery Needs in Phoenix

"Tremendous need in Phoenix unlike any other metropolitan area in the United States. It's a lot easier to establish the practice and make it grow because the need is already there. We were able to establish neurosurgical/spine care and grow that service line to something that is pretty robust and encompasses all aspects of Neurosurgery/Spine Surgery".

Dr. Mohamed Abdulhamid - Going beyond surgery

"Once we're done with surgery, there is the other component which is the post - operative care. Now John C. Lincoln was the first one to actually bring a NeuroIntensivist, Dr. Victor Zach. He works very closely with us. But that's part of that progression philosophy".