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Community of Modesto

Welcome to Modesto, the city that greets you with a smile. Our warm, friendly people give Modesto the feel of your hometown, with the amenities and attractions of a big city. Modesto’s central location puts you within a short drive of the ocean, mountains and some of the nation’s most renowned parks. Day trip options from Modesto include San Francisco, Sacramento, and Yosemite National Park among many others. Our mild climate makes outdoor activities enjoyable year round. Play a round of golf, picnic in one of our many parks, explore our antique shops, or visit one of our museums. If you are a little more adventurous try nearby river rafting, hiking, or jet skiing. You simply can’t go wrong in Modesto. We have something for everyone.

Census Data for Modesto


Total 205721


H.S. Grads75.0%
Bachelors & Higher16.5%


Under 5 Years7.6%
Under 18 Years30.1%
Over 65 Years11.1%


Total Units67179
Ownership Rate58.7%
Median Home Value$126000.0


Total Area35.0 sq. miles
Persons/sq. mile5276.8


Persons per Household2.86