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St. Peter’s Health in Helena, MT

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About St. Peter’s Health

Welcome to St. Peter’s Hospital, providing premier health care to a five–county region in Southwest Montana. Based in Helena, St. Peter’s has over 1,200 skilled and dedicated staff members who provide exceptional medical care and outstanding service in the areas of family practice, specialty care, surgery, cancer treatment, orthopaedics, cardiology, behavioral health, hospice, seven–day–a–week urgent care and more.

St. Peter’s Women’s Health Institute provides high quality multi-disciplinary care for women in the areas of breast health and pelvic health. St. Peter’s Digital Imaging department provides access to the highest quality mammograms and digital imaging services.

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St. Peter’s Health
2475 Broadway, Helena, MT 59601

Census Data for Helena


Total 28592


H.S. Grads95.1%
Bachelors & Higher44.7%


Under 5 Years5.9%
Under 18 Years20.1%
Over 65 Years15.6%


Total Units
Ownership Rate57.9%
Median Home Value$185.0


Total Area16.35 sq. miles
Persons/sq. mile1.0


Persons per Household2.01